From my clients

Kelley helped me move from a season of professional burnout and disillusionment to finding a new job that I am incredibly excited about!  Kelley helped me identify the particular challenges in my previous work, as well as to concretely articulate my key values, strengths, and life priorities. She even led me through the process of how to market myself in an authentic and natural way and helped me to understand the importance of networking (which is a particular challenge I face as an introvert!)  Before working with her, I had so many ideas about possible next steps and was looking in all sorts of directions. Working with her helped me focus in on what is most important and life giving to me and to identify and delightedly accept an offer for a job that aligns with those things!


Kelley is a thoughtful listener, patient and compassionate. She has a breadth of knowledge and experience that was incredibly helpful.  It was a joy to work with her!

Joy W., Mclean, VA

"Before I met with Kelley, I wasn't sure what to expect from a career coaching session. I had never sought out this kind of help before, but now I wish I hadn't waited so long. Rather than leaving with long list of things to do, adding to the feeling of being overwhelmed as I begin my search for a new job, I left the first session feeling empowered with practical, achievable action steps that will set my search in a strong direction.

Moreover, I left the session with Kelley feeling like I had been heard and affirmed. After the past few years in a fairly toxic work environment, I needed to hear that my decision to leave is good, it's okay to give myself time to regroup and recover, and here are ways to navigate the transition while staying positive, hopeful, and anticipating a better and healthier work environment to come. I am grateful to Kelley for helping me see that this end is truly a bright, new beginning!"

Elizabeth L., Washington, DC

Kelley coached me while I was feeling stuck in trying to grow my business. She helped me see that the root of the issue wasn’t about the business at all!  She suggested a simple, practical step to start moving forward and she was there to make suggestions as I took it. Kelley's insight was deep and her advice was holistic and personalized. I'm so grateful for her insight!

Amy Y. Burke, VA

Kelley is a tremendously gifted coach and she helped me navigate some very difficult work situations.


I had been hesitant about working with a coach because I thought he or she would push me to take actions that, while no doubt beneficial, would be deeply uncomfortable for me. But not only did I never feel pressured, I felt so supported that I actually found myself taking some of those very actions with very little discomfort!   


Through working with Kelley, I started trusting myself in situations that in the past had made me feel insecure. I began responding with strength and confidence rather than self-doubt. I’ve seen my share of therapists, and my time with Kelley has been far more helpful, healing, and valuable than most of those appointments! 

Anne S., Merrifield, VA

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